Top 7 most outstanding events in the football world in 2021

Top 7 most outstanding events in the football world in 2021

After being greatly affected by the pandemic, causing many large and small football events to be canceled, the fans finally had a year of eating and sleeping with a truly complete round ball. C1, Euro, Super League finals and unbelievable farewells are football moments that cannot be missed in 2021.

Top 7 most outstanding events in the football world in 2021

With outstanding strength in the last season, both Manchester City and Chelsea have become the last two names to participate in the Champions League final of the 2020/2021 season. For the Blue Man, this is the first time in the club’s history that they can progress to the final match in C1. As for Chelsea, this is the third time they have done this with a runner-up record in the 2007/2008 season and the championship in the 2011/2012 season.

Although coach Pep Guardiola’s army were the ones that were better evaluated with a quality star cast and stable performance at that time. But Chelsea club with its old and dirty is the team that enjoys the last joy. The only goal of the German star Kai Havert helped the Blues raise the prestigious elephant ear trophy for the second time.

Great coach Pep Guardiola continues to miss this title with the mighty Barcelona team winning the 2010/2011 season. The somewhat excessive caution of the Spaniard is also one of the reasons why the Green Man suffered defeat against his compatriot Chelsea club.

After missing two tournaments, Euro 2016 and World Cup 2018, finally, the blue shirt team had the opportunity to return to a big stage and they did a miracle when they became champions. The Italian team began the campaign to regain glory when appointing Roberto Mancini to the position of head coach. Under the direction of the Italian teacher, the Azzurri won all 10 matches of the Euro 2020 qualifying round, scoring 37 goals and conceding only 4 goals.

When entering this year’s Euro final, they continued to show their destructive power when they won all the group stages and did not concede a goal. The Italian team easily overcame two opponents, Turkey and Switzerland, with the same score of 3-0. Then it was a gentle 1-0 victory over the second-place team Wales.

In the eighth round, the Italian team had a relatively difficult 120 minutes against the scientifically organized defense of the Austrian team. But with the ingenious change of coach Mancini, the Azzurri won with a score of 2-1 in extra time. The challenge once again came to Italy when it had to face the Belgian team in the quarterfinals of the tournament. However, the ecstatic moments of Nicolo Barella and Lorenzo Insigne brought joy to the sky shirt fans.

The semi-final against Spain was one of the most suffocating matches for the Italian team at Euro 2021. In the face of La Roja’s control, Mancini’s army could not play the attacking style that was shown. from the beginning of the tournament. The result 1-1 after 120 minutes led the two teams to enter a nerve-wracking penalty shootout and here the Italian team showed their bravery when they overcame Spain with a score of 4-2.

A similar development also took place in the final when both Italy and England drew 1-1 in 120 minutes and had to go to a penalty shootout to choose the champion. On the gunfight, the Italian continued to show his tenacity when he overcame the opponent with a score of 3-2. This victory makes them the new champions of the biggest tournament in the old continent.

The case was officially started in April 2021 when a series of big players in Europe suddenly asked to quit playing with UEFA and set up a separate tournament called the European Super League. The culmination of the case belonged to the UEFA Executive Board when they announced to the media that they would increase the number of teams participating in the Champions League from 32 to 36 in the future.

To oppose this idea, the 12 most vocal clubs in the old continent have hatched the idea of ​​​​organizing a separate tournament that is not under UEFA’s control. President of Real Madrid – Mr. Florentino Perez is the head of the Super League project and is considered the most determined person to make this dream come true.

But things did not go smoothly after FIFA, UEFA, domestic football federations and fans jumped in to put an end to this crazy idea. Within just one night, 9 clubs including Man City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, Inter Milan, AC Milan and Atletico Madrid suddenly turned their car and canceled their intention to attend the Super League.

However, there are still 3 big names, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, who are still trying very hard to make this tournament official. But certainly the idea of ​​a super tournament remains unlikely for the foreseeable future.

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